Logging In and Logging Out

If you're not logged in, you only have access to publicly accessible wikis and blogs. You can search content across all publicly accessible wikis, but not private wikis or blogs.

Depending on the wiki or blog you're viewing, unauthenticated users might not be able to add content or create pages, perform administrative functions, or add comments. The wiki or blog can also moderate comments from unauthenticated users. Unmoderated comments are invisible until they are approved.

In My Page, you can tell if you're logged in because your account name appears at the upper left. If it says "Log in to my page," you're not logged in.

In a public wiki or blog, you can tell you're logged in if a link named "Log Out (account name)" appears. If it says "Log In," you're not logged in.

When you access private wikis or blogs, you're prompted to log in if you're logged out or if the account you're logged in as doesn't have access to the wiki or blog.

To log in:

  1. In My Page, click "Log in to my page."

    In a public wiki or blog, click Log In.

    If you open a private wiki, you're prompted to log in.

  2. Enter your user name and password.

  3. If you want to remain logged in after you close your browser, select "Remember Me."

  4. Click Log In.

To log out:

  • In My Page, click "log out."

  • In a wiki or blog, click "Log Out (account name)."


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