Watching Wikis and Blogs

You can set whether specific wikis and blogs are watched, so that the Updates page includes only updates from wikis and blogs you're interested in.

To watch a wiki or a blog:

  1. Navigate to My Page:

    • If you're viewing a wiki page, click "my page."

    • If you're not sure where your wiki is located, call your help desk.

  2. If you're not already logged in, click "Log in to my page" at the upper left.

    If you are logged in, the upper-left of the page will show your login name.

  3. Click Wikis or Blogs in the toolbar.

  4. If you're not viewing all wikis or blogs, click the All link at the upper-left of the list.

    The Watched list shows wikis or blogs that are being watched. The My Wikis list shows wikis or blogs you have created.

  5. Click the "Watch updates" button at the right of the wiki or blog title to set whether it is watched.

    A blue button indicates that the wiki or blog is watched, and a grey button indicates that the wiki or blog is not watched.


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