Creating a Wiki

Your wiki server can allow anyone who has an account on the wiki server to create a wiki. It can also restrict who can create wikis to a specific group of people.

When you create a wiki, you become an administrator for that wiki and can then customize the wiki to suit your needs.

To create a wiki:

  1. While viewing My Page, click Wikis.

  2. Click "Create a new Wiki."

    If this button isn't shown, you can't create a wiki on the server.

  3. Enter a name and description for the wiki and click Create.

    The line under the Wiki Name field shows a preview of the URL for the wiki. You can't change this URL later, but you can rename the wiki. If you want a specific URL, enter a name that gives you the URL you want and rename the wiki later.

    The description appears under the name of the wiki in the wiki list on My Page.

  4. When prompted to choose a theme, select a theme and then click Next.

    You can change the theme after creating the wiki.

  5. When prompted to set wiki access, select one of the following and then click Next:

    Option Who can access the wiki Options


    Depending on how you set the the options, anyone who has access to the wiki server or anyone with an account

    If you want to restrict access to only those with accounts on the server, and require them to log in, select "Users must log in to read."

    If you want to allow everyone to read content, but require people to log in to create or edit wiki content, select "Users must log in to write."


    A specific group of people who has access to the wiki server

    You can enter the names of users or groups to give access to, whether they can read and write or only read the wiki, and select whether to send a welcome email to new wiki members.

    The welcome email includes a URL link to the new wiki.

  6. Click Done to create your wiki.

    You can also click Wiki Settings to view your wiki's settings.


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